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3. Modular Switches

6. The Bad

13. Cable Management per Switch Slot

5. The Good

7. The Ugly

1. Switch Cabling. Made Neat. Netscale BCM

14. Netscale BCM for Horizontal Modular Switches

16. BCM – Rear View

8. Interconnecting with the Netscale Blade Cabling Manager

11. Inter - connect Direct connect Supports two topologies

2. 90% of all data was generated in the past two years, and is increasing exponentially as workloads and applications go virtual. Network industry develops solutions that move fast now and adapt more quickly than ever before. How? That’s going to take density and scale . Loads of it.

12. Rear Cabling Guide • Rear Cabling Guide with Direct Connection Cassette • Different positions of the dividers support different fanout lengths even with the very same cable assembly • Excellent cable guidance using the divider holders for cable guiding

15. BCM – Rear Cabling Guide • Rear Cabling Guide with Netscale modules & cassettes • RCG offers space for overlength storage • Excellent cable guidance using the divider holders for cable guiding or alternatively velcro

10. The Netscale BCM fits into standard 19" racks Netscale BCM 2U Netscale BCM 0U Up to 12 slots with 32x/48x LC - duplex ports each Up to 12 slots with 32x/48x LC - duplex ports each For vertical switch slots For horizontal switch slots For Vertical and Horizontal Slots

4. All growth factors – volume , performance , and distance – have placed enormous strain on IT organizations , requiring miles of cable infrastructure . Unfortunately , many organizations still rely on traditional cable management solutions . The resulting in cable clutter inhibits intelligent, pragmatic growth .

9. The Netscale Blade Cabling Manager is specifically designed for modular high - density port switches and enables a reliable, flexible, and highly efficient cable infrastructure throughout the data center . One solution for vertical and horizontal modular slots . Pre - configured , staggered cabling that matches port distances . Removes the need for cable management at the side of the cabinet .


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